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Despite a strong aptitude in art, design, and writing… I also had a great love for science. My love for nature, the outdoors, and especially the sea, also shaped me. Most of all, I knew from early childhood that my calling was to serve others, and that brought me joy. I came to realize quickly that a calling could be done regardless of job or career. As well, if the two could be done together…it became a blessing for both the giver and receiver.

I spent the last years of high school, and the first few years of college and university, with the long term goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. Yet, a marriage, and then a bad car accident created some detours. I stayed in healthcare, but in a more administrative role. I finished my bachelor’s degree, and switched to pursuing a master’s degree in Art Therapy. Then major lay-offs during the recession, and more side-effects from the accident, created another turn-in-the-road.

It led me to becoming a professional organizer for some of the seniors I previously worked with, helping them downsize into retirement or assisted living. They were usually in transition after a health care crisis, retirement, or having lost their partners in life. That experience, along with my educational studies, helped me realize the need for a tangible way for people to go through transitioning.

I wanted to mesh my skills and talents; and until I could finish my Art Therapy degree, I became certified as a Life coach with emphasis in grief & transition. Then I also continued my education with a certification in colour energy, life story, arts therapies, and other modalities. This is because I realized those skills–along with my background in interior design–could achieve a similar outcome!

Today I no longer provide professional organizing; but I still spend my days incorporating design and coaching skills while staging, decorating, colour coordinating, and space planning.  Sometimes I even put on a “project manager hat,” and overseeing handymen and other skilled labourers during projects. As well, I still do one-on-one Colour Energy Coaching on Skype or Zoom.


  • Certified Colour Coach – 2018. Dougall Fraser.
  • Certified Life Coach – 2013. Wainwright Global International.
  • Ongoing Continuing Education in Life Coaching – 2013 to present.
  • BA from Seattle Pacific University – 2007
  • Primary coursework for MA in Art Therapy, begun at Antioch University and during time at SPU – 2004 to 2007


I have a primary focus on Transition and Grief, and now apply colour energy meditation, as well as teaching how neuroplasticity affects us, and arts therapy. I have worked with many seniors who have downsized their homes, or prepared for retirement. I’ve also worked with those who had job loss, experienced a disability/health change, or the death of a loved one. I also volunteer with a baby/child/pregnancy loss group in Canada, where I assist with two services every October. I have two ministries/side jobs that help during grief transitions. The first is that I make Memory Quilts on FB, as well as work on-call as a funeral home assistant.


I believe there is a story in everyone; and within those pages, lie answers and meaning to guide us during a search or journey. There are many layers to each person and situation. My passion for art, organizing, psychology, spirituality, and the call to serve others…allow me to respectfully assist people during transition.  Besides individual life coaching, I apply my coaching skills during the process of designing, decorating, or staging.


Patient, intuitive, spiritual, respectful, focused, good listener, encourager, good follow-through, believes in accountability and responsibility.


I use my listening skills, along with being able to analyze and correlate easily–to coach my clients in their goal setting and accomplishment.  I use my intuitive and spiritual gifts to assist in this process.  This skill set, along with many other modalities, are used to decorate/design/stage/consult with my clients.  I help them transition towards a better and brighter future.


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