Colour Coaching Workshops at Baxter Community Center coming February 5th, and March.

Eventually I hope to present a weekly class. Days and times are still in the works, but I’m hoping to do a Tuesday/Thursday morning…

Colour Coaching 101 – Colour Visualization and Meditation…Learn how colour is perceived by the eyes, how it affects us physically and emotionally, how and why visualization and meditation affects us positively.  Learn how applying colour in our lives, can help us become more creative and insightful.

Colour Coaching 102 – Soul Collage (insert trademark symbol) and Personal Inspiration Cards…Learn all about the soul collage process; it’s creator and founder; how the process helps us with inspiration, insight, and creativity; how using life coaching alongside the process, can take us even further with our goals and dreams.

Stay tuned…

Everett, WA 98201
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