My classes focus on the more spiritual side of who The Colour Coach is. :o)  I offer Colour Coaching Workshops as a ministry to certain transitional groups; and I also started at Baxter Community Center starting in February 2019; and because weather or sign up can affect scheduling…more information on times and dates can be found on their website:


Colour Coaching 101 – Colour Visualization and Meditation…Learn how colour is perceived by the eyes, how it affects us physically and emotionally, how and why visualization and meditation affects us positively.  Learn how applying colour in our lives, can help us become more creative and insightful. We touch on how colour meditation works, how it can improve or guide our lives, as well as I offer an opportunity to sign up for private one-on-one Colour Coaching Sessions.

Colour Coaching 102 – Soul Collage (insert trademark symbol). …Learn all about the soul collage process, it’s creator and founder, and how the process helps us with inspiration/insight/creativity.  Experience first-hand how creating your own Personal Inspiration Cards, provide insight and inspiration to guide and inspire you .  I provide life coaching alongside the process, to take you even further with your goals and dreams.


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