So, how does life coaching affect design or décor?

House or Home?

How do your surroundings make you feel?…

It actually provides a mindful palette to work from, while consulting or creating a beautiful space!  It allow me to  apply techniques that help guide my clients to find the most restful/healing or productive outcome. I’m able to look at colour from several different facets including: energy, colour theories, or colour interplay. Colour can literally affect our moods, or heal us. Each colour has a different wave length, and depending on how our eyes perceive light, it helps us see each one differently.  Depending on our preferences and experiences too, those same colours can have a positive or negative reaction for us.

The process in decorating can vary. At times, it will include downsizing or organizing a space first. Other times, it’s just helping my customers and clients reconfigure what they already have. Lately, I’ve discovered that single parents are calling upon my decorating services to help “warm up” their place, or to make it more “homey.”  Showing them techniques to stay organized, or how to do an inexpensive “interior re-design” with sometimes just paint, or a few feng shui adjustments in furniture placement. Small steps can really be helpful.

These are the areas I focus on:

  • Staging
  • Decorating
  • Colour Coordination
  • Space Planning

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