Life Coaching

Colour, energy, grief, transition, career, life story. These are some of the techniques and modalities that I have focused on in my studies and certifications.

Though I primarily use life coaching techniques, while providing interior design and staging consultations, I still provide one-on-one coaching.

Colour is pretty much ingrained in my life. I notice it in people, places, and just about anything around us! I notice what colours look good on a person’s skin tone or hair (the Color Me Beautiful, Color of Style, and the Color Made Easy techniques).  I notice how lighting reacts with the way a room is situated and painted–and how it affects a client’s moods.  I also notice how colour can affect us on a daily basis.  It can also change us, bringing healing and transformation (especially through transitions), if we apply it effectively!

Because of this, I focus my coaching sessions on learning how to use colour meditations to enhance our awareness and creativity.  Honing in on how that energy can inspire us, helps us create the transition and change we are wanting to create.

I provide sessions in-person, over the phone, and via Skype or Zoom.

While working together, if we find there are concerns or issues that go beyond life coaching parameters, then I can refer you to professional counselors and therapists in the area.

Please see my About Me page, to get an even better overview of my coaching styles.

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