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How would your life be different if you could apply colour in a way to motivate or inspire you? What would change in your living environment, if you could move a few items or paint a wall a colour that lifts you up or encourages you? Or, what if you could change a few things and be able to sell your home more quickly? Even more specifically:

What would it feel like to walk into your house and have it feel like home?

Life isn’t always easy. Even the strongest people among us, sometimes need a little bit of help to work through some of life’s more challenging problems. Transition isn’t usually easy–even if it was planned– like retirement…Yet many times, transition comes unexpectedly. Anxiety, depression, and just “feeling stuck” can happen if we experience the many facets of a challenging event like: health changes; job loss/change; death of a friend, family member, or even a pet; infertility or child/baby/pregnancy loss…Grief can be a thief.  It can be subtle, sneaking up on us over the months or even years…It can also hit us full force, with the power to knock us on our knees.

Many times too, what we are dealing with on the inside, will become evident on the outside–especially within our home. Rooms can become storage areas, desks can get piled up, or sometimes rooms don’t get lived in at all.  They become and remain, stale and empty.

If you’re getting ready to downsize or sell your home, then the process can feel daunting without a guideline. As well, if you’re wanting to create a home that feels inviting, welcoming and engaging…that too can feel overwhelming if you don’t know how to pick colours, combine textures, fabrics, deciding on styles, and deal with good space planning.

Sometimes we’re simply at a point in our lives where we need or want to make a change. By learning how colour works, applying it to our lives…then we can benefit dramatically.  Colour can be applied energetically through meditations, physically through forms of art…and even while choosing wall colour or fabrics, to create a happy environment.

Learning to work with colour can increase creativity and awareness in your world. By using colour, energy, and other life coaching techniques, we can create a platform to make these transitions easier!

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Henry David Thoreau"

Staging…Decorating…Colour Coordination…Space Planning…Colour Energy Coaching

Even if you’re not sure where to start, the important thing is to just take that first step.

Perhaps you don’t need the roadmap to a specific destination or goal; but rather, just simply knowing where you want to start your journey, changes everything.

If you’re interested in learning how to apply colour in your world to bring about more clarity, or if you’re interested in creating a home environment that brings you peace and joy, it’s easy to get started.

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Despite a strong aptitude in art, design, and writing… I also had a great love for science. My love for nature, the outdoors, and especially the sea, also shaped me. Most of all, I knew from early childhood that my calling was to serve others, and that brought me joy. I came to realize quickly that a calling could be done regardless of job or career. As well, if the two could be done together…it became a blessing for both the giver and receiver.